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Michael S.

73 Years Old


Lost 60 Pounds

Jordan is a passionate and caring educator. I have had the privilege to be mentored and coached by Jordan for the past 3 1/2 years. The knowledge and research he has shared with me and all those he coaches have proven to be the most valuable lessons of my life. Jordan, for this, I thank you. I highly recommend to anyone who is wanting to get their food intake and eating habits under control, Jordan is the person for you. You couldn't find anyone more qualified and more caring than Jordan.

Harper P.

57 Years Old

Security Advisor

Lost 45 Pounds

I have seen Jordan in action. He talks the talk and walks the walk. He's a sincere, authentic and inspiring speaker.


He clearly deeply understands and is able to articulate on personal growth and motivation and how to get desired results in life - and particularly in the area the journey to lasting permanent weight loss.

Edward L.

54 Years Old


Lost 32 Pounds

What more could you ask for in a motivational speaker than the combination of entertainment, unique life experiences, gifted coaching, and superior communication skills?


Jordan has it all and has provided his powerful and life-changing message to a group that I attend each week, effecting real change to those that attend.


He brings out the best in every person that has the opportunity to listen to this dynamic speaker.


What People Are Saying

Jimmy P.

51 Years Old


Lost 85 Pounds

Jordan is an extremely passionate, caring and effective weight loss coach. As a successful client of his, I learned immensely from his guidance and knowledge, and now as a colleague, I continue to learn enormously from him. Jordan has the unique ability to simplify a client’s weight loss challenges in a manner that is easily understood. From one-on-one coaching to group sessions, he is a phenomenal communicator with outstanding leadership and support skills. Jordan continues to educate himself on the any new developments in weight loss to share with clients. Jordan’s credibility comes from his own personal experience in which he has maintained his weight loss for well over a decade. This gives Jordan the ability to teach others to do the same on their own journey.

Dave S.

47 Years Old

Marketing Executive

I’ll get right to the point. Jordan is an absolutely fantastic motivational speaker. Now, I can hear one or two of you say, “but, Dave, lots of people talk to crowds and tell stories.” And you’re right, some do. Then there are the rare gems who captivate a crowd, deliver the unexpected, and make it look easy. They deftly spin anecdotes and weave tales peppered with stats and observations so effortlessly that they’re nothing less than natural born teachers. In this cohort, Jordan is the head of the class. He’s a mentor, an advocate and a conscientious counsellor. He puts his all into every presentation to make them as informative as they are entertaining. Jordan is what many hope to be - an earnest leader who shares a wisdom gleaned from experience. And he always makes it personal…in a good way. I suppose that’s why I find Jordan’s presentations so captivating. In a crowd of men, he makes me feel wanted. As many men would surely agree, we feel like he speaks directly to us.


Jordan, quite simply, helps other men live longer, healthier, happier, and more fulfilled lives. And I can’t think of any higher praise than that.

Terrance B.

52 Years Old


Lost 60 Pounds

Jordan is passionate about the well-being of his fellow man in his work. He models what he teaches and has kept his own weight at maintenance levels for over fourteen years. He incorporates his own experience, learning and research into his presentations and workshops on nutrition. He motivates his clients by enlisting their life experiences and successes during his challenges for them to take responsibility for their own health and weight loss. Jordan stands ready to support and teach men that want to get healthier.

Ted S.

47 Years Old

Plant Manager

Lost 55 Pounds

I’ve had to the pleasure of knowing Jordan since Sept 2017. He is a great motivational speaker / weight loss coach. I personally have learned a lot from him. He is highly energetic and passionate which makes his talks a pleasure to attend. Thank you and keep up the great work!

Michael O.

62 Years Old

Retired Manager

Lost 137 Pounds

Jordan is very passionate as a weight loss coach and advocate. I have had the pleasure of working with him for several years within a weight loss program.


He is very knowledgeable about the subject and is an excellent coach and mentor. He is also very outgoing and is willing to go the extra mile to help anyone on their weight loss journey.

Martin R.

56 Years Old


Jordan is a fabulous motivational speaker and weight loss coach. He has very positive supportive approach which makes it easy to follow his guidance. I have no hesitation recommending Jordan Hoffman!

Mark W.

36 Years Old


Lost 166 Pounds

Jordan is an extremely motivational weight loss coach. I've seen first hand the advice he gives and the way he inspires others to become the best versions of themselves where their health is concerned. He's helped me personally on many occasions, and I'd highly recommend and endorse his skills in this area!

Bern G.

63 Years Old


Lost 30 Pounds

I have worked with Jordan for several years. His  no-nonsense, straight-talk approach to the realities of men managing their weight is insightful, inspiring, and very effective. I would recommend his mentoring style in any subject matter in which he was conversant. He is certainly conversant the matter of motivating men.

Greg O.

61 Years Old

Retired Manager

Lost 38 Pounds

Jordan is a leader in his field, a subject matter expert, can take complex issues and simplify them to his audience.


Jordan is a pro when he does presentations who keeps his audience engaged and maintains a positive control over his audience.

William Snow

36 Years Old

Director of IT

Jordan was a critical person on my weight loss journey, he was there from the day I started and was there untill the day I was declared a maintainer.


His presentation skills are amazing, he is passionate and delivers incredibly motivational talks 

that will keep you pumped for and excited about your upcoming week.

David Finley

58 Years Old

Safety Professional

Lost 212 Pounds

I have known Jordan for the past 3.5 years and it has been my privilege to witness such a dynamic leader exhibit an unwavering commitment to drive positive health outcomes. Through his knowledge and strength as a coach, mentor and leader, Jordan has been instrumental in orchestrating positive life outcomes. As a visionary, he leads with certainty and is unafraid to challenge status quo. Jordan leads by example; through embracing diversity in thoughts and actions in support of imparting his knowledge and wisdom on others. I admire his passion, commitment, organizational citizenship, integrity, motivation, and engagement. Without a doubt, Jordan will serve as an invaluable asset to anyone who is in need of support when it comes guiding others through their weight loss journey.

Jeffrey S.

42 Years Old


Lost 120 Pounds

Jordan is a very effective speaker with practical knowledge on healthy eating, and weigh loss and weight management. I have personally benefited from his work as a motivational speaker who deals with healthy eating, weight loss, and weight maintenance in the past. I would refer anyone who is looking for someone who knows  how to eat healthy and maintain a healthy weight to contact him and discuss the topic with an expert.


Jordan is one of few whom I know, who not only talk about healthy eating and how to lose weight, but who has actually done it himself and who practices what he preaches. Not only in theory but in real life, everyday.

Lifelong Weight Loss Results for Men

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