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What People Are Saying

How do you thank someone who

has saved your life?  What is the appropriate recommendation for a coach that lowers your Blood Pressure?  Should I promote the skills of someone who managed to improved my Health?  I have managed to maintain my weight loss for a year now.  I now live in Jordan's shadow and think of him every time I need to make a sensible food choice. Thanks Jordan.


 To anyone reading this, I highly recommend Jordan as a weight loss guru.

Today is the day to

get healthy and stay healthy.

Allan C.

66 Years Old


Lost 40 Pounds

I had the pleasure of meeting Jordan when I started my journey to living (specifically eating) a clean lifestyle. I was out of control and heading to my ultimate demise. Jordan, with his support, knowledge, uplifting, motivational and inspirational talks, was an absolute contributing factor to my success. He has helped me and countless others achieve their own personal successes. You can see in his words and in his eyes that Jordan truly loves helping men gain control of their eating and health.


303 pounds to 155 pounds. Size 56 pants to size 32. 3XL shirts to medium. 8+ cholesterol to 3 4+. Triglycerides to under 2. CPAC machine gone.  


For me this journey has been a complete life changer. Not only has my 145 pound weight loss improved my overall health, but my mental state, my confidence, my sharpness are at my lifetime highest. I am no longer hiding behind baggy clothes, instead walking into a room with head held high. 


Keep up the unbelievable work that you do Jordan,!

Pat C.

47 Years Old


Lost 145 Pounds

Jordan continues to inspire my transformation and learning journey to a new healthy reality, He is a consummate motivator who balances supports and pressures to keep me on a path to continuous improvement. I am always impressed with how well researched Jordan is in keeping up with current practices and knowledge. He then communicates his synthesized learning in a way that is easy to understand and incorporate into personal practice. Thank you Jordan.

Neil E.

55 Years Old

School Principal

Lost 50 Pounds

Lifelong Weight Loss Results for Men

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